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In simple terms, conversion rate optimisation is nothing more than finding out why visitors are not converting, and then fixing it. That’s it.

You need to constantly re-assess your past efforts and try to better your website. Focus on the money. There are too many metrics and a lot of misleading advice out there to sidetrack you.

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Some of the following quotes may be perceived as controversial when considered against the common understanding of conversion rate optimisation. However, the authors are all SEO professionals who run their own hugely successful websites, and are therefore in the best position to judge…

It’s much easier to double your business
by doubling your conversion rate
than by doubling your traffic.

Jeff Eisenberg – bryaneisenberg.com
Trying to increase sales simply by driving more traffic
to a website with a poor customer conversion rate
is like trying to keep a leaky bucket full by adding
more water instead of plugging the holes.

Bryan Eisenberg – bryaneisenberg.com
Call Them to Action!
Without action now, you have no action ever.
It is human nature to put off action to a later time…
If your website does not convince
someone to convert right now,
it is unlikely to get them to convert next time.

Ben Hunt
Convert! Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion, page 116

Conversion rate optimisation is about being creative by constantly experimenting with new approaches until they work, but it is also about analysing numbers, setting measurable targets and monitoring them.

It sounds counter-intuitive but stop following “best practice”; it is wrong to assume that just because something worked for someone else means it will work for you.

SEO Quote - Conversion Rate Optimisation: It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic - Jeff EisenbergImage: Alexey Rozhanovsky (Shutterstock)

Don’t find customers for your products;
find products for your customers.

Seth Godin
First, organize 1,000
You can’t please everyone, so proudly exclude people.
Derek Sivers
Anything You Want, page 3
Make sure you have clear objectives
for every page and understand how it fits
in the conversion funnel for every product or service,
and then aggressively execute.

Rob Crigler
Q&A With Rob Crigler, Director Of Interactive Marketing For Orkin
If you have the traffic to conduct a simple A/B split test,
you’ll see that the version
with fewer words usually converts better.
Remember, website visitors rarely read – they scan.

Tim Ash, Maura Ginty, Rich Page
Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions, page 202

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