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Earning a living and making money with a website requires time, dedication and good business planning. Establishing a site doesn’t happen overnight and neither does website monetisation success.

SEO - Quote - Strategic Advisory: People will tell you exactly what they want. Listen. Extrapolate. Do something with that information - Brian ClarkImage: alphaspirit (Shutterstock)

The following collection of sayings is attributed to people already at the top; people who are ‘famous’ in the world of website development: SEO professionals; experienced bloggers; consultants – all giving valuable pieces of advice on the topic of making money from a website

Never let your ads write checks
that your website can’t cash.

Avinash Kaushik – kaushik.net
(author and digital marketing evangelist for Google)
Ranking well does not necessarily
translate to relative site popularity or
sites meeting their objectives (desired conversions).
SEO gets the visitor to the door.
It’s up to your site’s content
to welcome and retain that visitor.

John I. Jerkovic
SEO Warrior, page 1
If you don’t have someone responsible and accountable
for turning all of the online dials
and clearly setting the direction
for your online strategy as well as
making sure your strategy lines up
with all of the other marketing programs
that are being executed,
your online strategy will fail.

Rob Crigler
Q&A With Rob Crigler, Director Of Interactive Marketing For Orkin
Lack of planning is
the most common denominator for SEO failure
among hundreds of people.
Planning holds two distinctions.
First, it is the single most important step
in making a long-term positive change.
Second, it is the most overlooked step
in just about any process.

Michael Small
SEO Answer Book, page 10

There are many ways to make money from a website, but there is a big difference between these and the various methods and techniques necessary to make substantial money.

SEO Quote - Strategic Advisory: Never let your ads write checks that your website can’t cash - Avinash KaushikImage: Tan Kian Khoon (Shutterstock)

People will tell you exactly what they want.
In comments, links, social media landscape in general.
Listen. Extrapolate. Do something with that information.

Brian Clark – copyblogger.com
The Internet makes money for you
when you build something
that is real and when it matters to people!

Darren Rowse – problogger.net
Never forget social media is for reach
but email is for revenue.

Bryan Eisenberg – bryaneisenberg.com
When you create something that is popular,
when you create a solution,
you’re an innovator and
you solve problems for people and
they like what you have to offer,
of course you automatically make money.

Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom Gives First Interview
Success comes from persistently improving and inventing,
not from persistently promoting what’s not working.

Derek Sivers
Anything You Want, page 3

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