Arbvestor Breaks the Mould for Arbing Software

Breaking into an established and competitive market is never an easy thing to do.

When it comes to arbitrage software, Arbvestor.com are the new kids on the block, aiming to punch above their weight and deliver an unparalleled service to its paying customers.

Going the extra mile is the key to their approach.

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The Missing Link – Found

Not only does Arbvestor’s software automatically identify arbitrage opportunities but, it also allows you to place those bets at the touch of a button within the webservice itself.

This ‘seek and destroy’ application threatens to make all other arbitrage programs redundant or, at the very least, old-fashioned and unwieldy.

This is a crucial advantage over the rest of the pack.

Arbitrageurs everywhere will have been expecting or dreaming of just such a development to provide a cleaner, faster approach to their business – having a tool to find the opportunities is one thing but providing the software to take advantage of them is pure alchemy.

Arbvestor is a game-changer, with a user no longer having to log-in to various betting accounts, search for the particular bet, and then manually place it.

Arbitrage Betting is notoriously time-sensitive – it has just become less so.

Simple to Use

Arbvestor keeps things simple and, at the moment, the BETA phase of their development shows ‘sure bets’ for over 50 different markets, including the 1×2 and Over/Under, European and Asian Handicap markets for full time, first half, and second half.

Arbvestor finds sports arbs with two, three and four legs and the interface is easy to use and looks professional without unnecessary clutter.

Juggling the figures is easy and clicking on any arb generates a screen which allows you to automatically calculate stakes or profit amounts up to your preferred level.

There are also two options for the placement of the bets themselves. If you are worried about security, then you can log-in to all your accounts manually and then use the software to access and place the bets for you.

Alternatively, log-in to your accounts in one hit via Arbvestor’s interface, which the company claims is secure.

Why Trust Arbvestor?

  • The company behind Arbvestor is located in the European Union (Spain)
  • Strict Spanish data protection law ensures that your data is safe
  • All user data is encrypted client-side making it impossible for Arbvestor to access your sensitive login data. (Indeed, they have to delete and re-create your account if you forget your password)
  • The software runs on any operating system which has access to Firefox or Chrome

Not Hedging their Bets

At present, Arbvestor claims to have 25 bookmakers on board, a figure which is growing by 1-2 per month. The ultimate plan is to reach an optimum figure of 70-100 bookmakers.

Although the service is dominated by football (or ‘soccer’) bets, other sports catered for include basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, rugby, american football and tennis, although the arbs in these sports tend to be more scarce.

The usual features are present and include the ability to set commission rates at the exchanges, something we like very much and which is still beyond the scope of some of its established competitors.

Another unique feature you can experiment with is the ‘arb-alarm’, which, as its name suggests, will notify you immediately when a new arb opportunity is born.

Arbvestor itself is a purely web based service. In order to log into the accounts and automatically access the bets, it uses a browser extension called Betfinder, which is a hassle-free add-on available for Chrome and Firefox users. The service runs fine without the extension as well, but of course you will miss one of the best features of the product without it.

At present, English is the primary language of the site, with German and Spanish to follow in the future. This comes as no surprise, since the company behind Arbvestor is located in Spain with the co-founders being of German descent.

No doubt, as the programming becomes more refined the platform will only get better and better.

Try it for Free

What we like about Arbvestor’s business model is their honesty.

Arbvestor does not guarantee that betting odds will not change in the middle of a transaction – this is impossible to guard against – and they advise their users to carefully check everything still tallies before entering into any sure bet investment.

The BETA phase of their software package is available now for free trial and, if you are blessed with an arbitrageur’s mentality, then we think it is definitely worth serious consideration.

This could be the arbitrage software to top them all and Arbvestor have promised significant price discounts to all trialists who log-in for free during the test-phase, which is set to run at least for the rest of October 2014.

With an offer like this on the table Arbvestor is showing all of their cards and from what we can see, there is nothing hidden up either sleeve.

If the project comes up with the promised goods then the endgame will be a hugely powerful product and, those at the front of the queue when the store opens are guaranteed to be the pioneers of a new arbitrage betting landscape.

It promises to be an interesting time ahead for Arbvestor and arbitrageurs everywhere.

Last Update: 14 October 2014

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