Funny & Bizarre You Tube Football Videos

We have come up with an amusing bunch of funny & bizarre You Tube football videos worth sharing.

The following journey will take you through the realms of amazing tricks and feats, bizarre real game situations, hilarious goal celebrations, penalty kick melodramas in the Twilight Zone of football, and a deal of black humour thrown in for good measure.

Soccer fan sitting on sofa with beer at homeImage: Sergey Peterman (Shutterstock)

Please use the comments section at the bottom of the article to tell us which are your personal favourites. If you have seen any others worthy of mention we would also love to hear your recommendations.

To watch the videos again (and we are sure some will warrant repeated viewings), just refresh the play arrow in the bottom left hand corner of each (otherwise you will have to reload the page).


Last Update: 14 April 2013


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