1×2 Betting: 2016-17 Profit/Loss Simulation Tables

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Soccerwidow’s Home-Draw-Away-Favourite-Underdog simulation tables are a revolutionary way of looking at a large data set to immediately see profitable 1×2 areas, enabling you to filter the results for precision betting.

The traditional home, draw, away Profit/Loss simulations are supplemented by a complete overview of the favourite and underdog markets, plus separate tables for the favourite playing at home or away and the underdog playing at home or away. The tables also include visualisations of inflection points, a very powerful tool for finding consistently profitable segments.

This unique product also breaks down results into odds clusters and odds ratios. There are more than 100 different simulations per league, providing clear guidance for what to back or lay, and what to avoid.

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Winter Leagues 2011-16 – FULL-TIME (FT) – Excel.XLSX:

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Screenshots from the EPL HDA Simulation Table

The Power of the Home, Draw, Away, Favourite and Underdog Simulation Tables

Each table contains the following Profit/Loss simulations for backing Home wins, Draws, Away wins, Favourite and Underdog betting:

  • from an Individual Team perspective (when playing at home or, playing away)
  • by Odds Clusters (home odds, draw odds, away odds)
  • by carefully selected Odds Ratios (favourites or underdogs at home or away, similarly matched teams, etc.)
  • by Inflection Point Graphs for home, draw, away, favourite and underdog odds

Individual teams or odds clusters, which have been traditionally, intentionally, or accidentally over- or under-priced by the bookmakers will become evident and you will definitely notice patterns and opportunities for adding selections to your existing betting portfolio or when creating a new betting system.

Each workbook is interactive allowing you to insert your own Staking Levels. Tailoring further for individual needs, the tables include an Odds Toggle option for each bet type.

There are also Commission Rate Toggles allowing you to enter the level charged by your favoured betting exchange or broker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time restriction on the usefulness of the HDAFU tables?

The tables simulate the profits and losses by betting type for the last five complete seasons if choosing the same bet type for every game of the season. Therefore, the ‘natural’ cut-off point is the end of the following season when the tables have to be re-calibrated.

Simulating the profit/losses when betting on the same outcome over the last five seasons, the tables show a picture of the likely (expected) distribution for the forthcoming season.

If the bettor chooses a distribution which is equally spread over the year (e.g. away underdogs in the German Bundesliga with odds between 4.0 and 17.0), then it doesn’t really matter when the systematic betting starts.

The HDAFU tables are a great help at any time throughout the season to provide focus upon profitable areas within your chosen league and allow you to refine your final bet selections.

Further reading:
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What is the relationship between the HDAFU tables and the Value Bet Detector?

The HDAFU tables simulate profit/losses when betting systematically on one specific outcome, e.g. backing the favourite playing away. The Value Bet Detector is an odds and probability calculation tool for particular matches of interest.

Both tools originate from the time when I (Soccerwidow) wrote match previews for Betfair and needed to identify games containing value bets so that I could analyse them and publish profitable picks.

The HDAFU tables were developed as a tool to recognise clusters of matches that were far more likely to contain value bets, and thus provide me with filtered sets of matches to preview.

I often receive questions such as, “Can the HDAFU tables and the Value Calculator support each other?” or, “What is the relevance of the HDAFU tables?” or, “Which methodology is better?”

Ultimately, both products are tools for odds calculation and understanding the betting market. The Value Bet detector is an analysis tool for individual matches, the HDAFU simulation tables can also be used for systematic betting in larger numbers.

Further reading:
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How to structure a portfolio and what is the best size for it?

“A portfolio is a package of bets where extensive analysis has determined the choices (picks)… This is an essential part of the whole betting strategy in order to reduce the risks of losing by diversifying.”

Now focus on the main expressions: extensive analysis… determined choices… whole betting strategy… reduce risks… and lastly… diversifying.

Actually, there is nothing more to say. Just spend some quality thinking time on it.

It totally depends on personal preferences, on the availability of betting markets to you, on your risk awareness, your understanding of probabilities and statistics, and finally using all of this combined knowledge to make your best personal judgement, never losing sight of the fact that the bottom line is making profits.

Further reading:
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Are the HDAFU tables for both, back betting and lay betting?

Yes. Although the HDAFU tables directly simulate what happened from a backing perspective over the last five seasons, they are obviously reversible and provide a sound benchmark for formulating lay betting strategies.

Large positive figures and rising curves within the tables indicate promising back betting opportunities, whilst large negative falling curves point to potential lay strategies.

The HDAFU tables come with an odds toggle as well as an exchange commission toggle so that the user can adjust the base figures where necessary – This is of great importance to those wishing to accurately analyse lay strategies.

Don’t forget that betting exchange odds are often ‘higher’ than the highest bookmaker odds and, of course, have a built-in commission surcharge levied by the exchange platform. The effects of these variables can be gauged using the toggle functions within each HDAFU table.

Further reading:
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Why is concentrating on bet types more profitable than betting on teams?

The answer to this question is simple psychology, which often defeats the average punter.

There are millions of people who follow one or another team. They read all the news available, discuss form, players and managers, and everything else there is to think about when a match involving “their” team is coming up.

There are plenty of “must win” situations, and even if the odds seem a little short, bets are still placed on the team they support to win the game. Both reliance on luck and a lot of hope goes into each game.

Unfortunately, gut feelings are a very wrong adviser and team news also has no relevance to the ‘true odds’ of a game; little wonder that there are more losing punters than winners.

The HDAFU tables help the gambler to disconnect all emotions from betting. The figures show very plainly where to concentrate when compiling a betting system portfolio for profit.

Perhaps you will prefer certain bet types, or betting within certain odds clusters, or even concentrating on away teams when the match is equally matched – the HDAFU tables reveal all this and more.

Perhaps you wish to concentrate on draws when the home, draw, or away odds (or a combination of them all) meet certain conditions? Again, the tables are sophisticated and refined enough to provide you with such detailed information.

Further reading:
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What do you recommend to read for better understanding of the HDAFU tables?

HDAFU Tables Knowledge Base

1X2 Betting System – Staking the Underdog
How to Compile a Winning Portfolio
Finding Betting Odds Inflection Points
Odds Toggle Function

HDA Betting: Profit/Loss Simulation Tables

  • Format: Excel .XLSX (compatible with Excel 2007 and higher, LibreOffice, Google Sheets, OpenOffice, etc.)
  • File Size: between 1MB and 3MB each
  • Publisher: Soccerwidow Ltd; 4th revised edition
  • Simulations within each Workbook: over 100
  • Language: ENGLISH

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Customer Comment

I have recently purchased some HDA tables which I have to say are simply excellent.
They have certainly opened my eyes to areas I had never considered before.

Studying them fully will take me a while but I used some insights gained from them on a few
games at the weekend and again, I have to say that I am very impressed with the product.


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Last Update: 27 July 2016

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56 Responses to “1×2 Betting: 2016-17 Profit/Loss Simulation Tables”

  1. Kevin Kapenda
    14 April 2016 at 10:35 pm #


    Let me get this straight. If I buy a table, I look at the profitable odds, and the less profitable odds. I bet on the odds that tend to show a profit?


    • Soccerwidow
      22 April 2016 at 11:29 am #

      Hi Kevin, in a nutshell, yes. But only in a nutshell. 🙂

      You find the profitable odds clusters, and then develop a strategy out of this. However, it’s about system betting. This requires to take every round, not just a single game.

  2. Frank
    13 May 2016 at 1:34 am #

    Im from South Africa and bookmakers from here give the English Championship nice odds. Is there anyway i can get Championship table

    • Soccerwidow
      23 May 2016 at 7:35 am #

      Hi Frank, we have not yet made a decision which tables to offer for the new season. However as the season doesn’t start before August, there’s plenty of time…

  3. John
    12 June 2016 at 2:20 am #


    Do you know when we can expect the “Winter Leagues – Full time” tables updated for the 2015/2016 season to become available for purchase?

    Best regards

    • Soccerwidow
      15 June 2016 at 8:34 am #

      Hi John, the updated HDA tables will be available 1-2 weeks before the new season starts.

  4. Karsten
    31 July 2016 at 8:11 pm #

    Strange: I do not see any tables for the 2016/17 seasons to buy as in the headline announced. Thanks for Information.

    • Right Winger
      31 July 2016 at 8:36 pm #

      Hello Karsten – sorry, some issues with the site today, which are now resolved. Please refresh your screen or clear your cache to see the 2016-17 article and HDAFU tables.

  5. jo
    17 February 2017 at 10:19 am #


    I was waiting for 2012-2016 summer tables to buy, regular chart didn’t and don’t show any updates, nor I got an e-mail notification about them available. i thought why it takes so long to wait since the new summer season is 7 just days away. Today, i opened basic version of the chart and found that 2012-2016 summer tables are available. Don’t forget to e-mail about new tables since the earlier you get them, the more time you have to analyse them.

    • Soccerwidow
      18 February 2017 at 10:21 am #

      Hi Jo, as far I’m aware you have been already in touch via email with Rob and purchased your tables. Thank you and all the best for the forthcoming season!

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