2017 Summer League HDAFU Tables – For Sale!

The 5th Generation of HDAFU Tables is Here!

We had a breakthrough in our thinking last year so we experimented with the idea.

Knowing from experience that the first and second halves of a football match are usually played in very different circumstances, we extended the idea to leagues as a whole.

Analysing a season’s results (or a set of them together) naturally gives only a blend of what has happened during the whole season. Splitting the analysis into halves makes far more sense. After all, so many leagues have winter breaks, or mid season intervals, and many of those leagues without a recognised break have a natural break in their programmes. The break is so long in certain leagues (e.g. Russia) that their season might just as well be two separate seasons.

We therefore decided to split the HDAFU tables (Home-Draw-Away-Favourites-Underdogs) into three separate tables per league. One showing the five season whole season picture, the next showing the first half season results (before the break), and the last showing the second half season results (after the break).

The results were staggering and showed quite clearly the distinctive trends of each half season as opposed to the whole season blend. We decided to put our theory to the test and embarked on what turned out to be a hugely successful betting campaign.

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Summer Leagues 2012-16 – FULL-TIME (FT) – Excel.XLSX:

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What You Now Get for Your Money

Instead of the usual one HDAFU table per league, you now get three.

However, the price per league is still sensible at £33.00 each. (Effectively £11.00 per table as opposed to the old style tables at £24.90 each).

The new style tables presented here are also optimised for filtering.

Our recommendation is for a set of systems in several leagues, enough to provide you with a portfolio of at least 500 bets in a season. You’ll then have a chance of emulating our 2016 campaign.

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Last Update: 20 February 2017

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