SEO Tips: Trust and Authority are Essential Ranking Factors

Is your site a recognised authority? Is your site a widely accepted leader in its field?
These are the goals!

Forget about SEO when you are deciding what to put on your website. Think about strong topics in your industry; not just those with high-ranking keywords, but concentrate more on providing a unique perspective. This will ultimately lead to content the search engines are looking for – Intriguing and captivating articles, which people freely bookmark and share.

The following is a collection of significant quotes by leading SEO professionals who are running their own successful website businesses – Enjoy and learn..!

Earn trust from your visitors and
search engines will follow suit.
Establish yourself as an expert.
Create excellent content
that people want to link to and share.

Matt McGee – smallbusinesssem.com
Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.
Wendy Piersall
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Lots of Link Love
PageRank works in very much the same way
as popularity in grade school.
Generally speaking, the more friends you have
(and the cooler they are), the better.
As in the grade school analogy,
PageRank is based on how many other sites like you.
That is, link to you.

Evan and Bradley Bailyn
Outsmarting Google: SEO Secrets to Winning New Business, page 8

Content written by an expert is far more valuable than anything written by a casual writer. Prolific articles gain better attention from readers, and metrics such as “bounce rate” and “stickiness” model actual human behaviour. There are many widely used search engine trust metrics, which affect ranking.

SEO Tips: Promote your promoters. Tweet about it. Stumble it. Helping them helps you - Brian HalliganImage: chanpipat (Shutterstock)

Promote your promoters.
When someone links to you or writes about you
on their blog help get them more traffic.
Tweet about it. Stumble it. Digg it.
Helping them helps you.

Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah
Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs
Links are votes of confidence for a website.
So, webmasters must be able to build
solid inbound and outbound links
to good neighbourhood sites.

Kody Ryals – Seo 100 Success Secrets
Search Engine Optimization 100 Most Asked Questions, page 12
If creating large amounts of original,
well written content is considered King
for search engine optimization purposes,
building quality links back to your web site
might be considered the Holy Grail.

Kristopher B. Jones
Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing
In the near future, companies that will get great rankings
won’t think of their websites
and digital content as the center of the universe.
They will think about the customer
as the center of the universe.

Jeff Eisenberg – bryaneisenberg.com

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