Top 50 Money Quotes to Change the Way You Think

It usually isn’t what you have or don’t have that makes you feel rich or poor. It is about how you think about possessions or the lack of them. Money does not ensure happiness, nor does it guarantee success.

Here are 50 thought-provoking proverbs and quotes about money, success and financial wealth gathered from famous businessmen, great thinkers, and ancient philosophers.

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When you seek advice about your finances, it’s often quite inspirational, interesting, and sometimes even humerous to embrace the opinions of other people. Check out our 50 carefully selected money quotes: we hope they will help change your thinking and attitude towards money in a positive way.

The art is not in making money,
but in keeping it.

Dutch Proverb
You must spend money to make money.
(ca. 254-184BC, Roman playwright of the Old Latin period)
A good reputation is more valuable than money.
Publilius Syrus
(46-29BC, Latin writer of sententiae)
What difference does it make
how much you have?
What you do not have
amounts to much more.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca,
often known simply as Seneca
(4BC-AD65, Roman philosopher,statesman and dramatist)
Nothing is more dangerous to men
than a sudden change of fortune.

Marcus Fabius Quintilianus
(35-100, Roman rhetorician from Hispania )
Wealth consists not in having great possessions,
but in having few wants.

(55-135, Greek Stoic philosopher)
Never stand begging for that
which you have the power to earn.

Miguel de Cervantes
(1547-1616, Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright)
Cartoon of two businessmen handshaking with ulterior motivesMoney lent to a friend
must be recovered from an enemy.

German Proverb

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  1. Hanukkah 2016
    18 September 2016 at 9:41 am #

    I still easily slump into negative thinking patterns. However, I’ve gotten very good at lifting myself out of negativity. Just being alive and breathing is sufficient for happiness and regardless of any other fact. The reward for your effort might be amazing too. Just adjust your attitude, choose life.

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