Best 50 Winning and Success Quotes by Football Players and Coaches

If the topic is about winning and success, who is more exposed to it than a football player, coach, or manager of a football team who are massively pressed to perform in public, often on a weekly basis?

Of course, there is no question that winning and getting ahead of the competition is of uttermost importance not only in football (in whichever format) but also in business and personal life.

Winning Quote: To win you have to score one more goal than your opponent - Johan CruyffImage: Pressmaster (Shutterstock)

Soccerwidow has collected 50 outstanding quotes by football players, coaches, and managers over the last 100 years documenting the psychology of team success and winning.

The quotations are sorted in chronological order. Enjoy them and find inspiration and motivation to persist and also become a winner.

Find out what the other team wants to do.
Then take it away from them.

George Halas
(1895-1983, former player, coach,
and pioneer in professional American football)
Win or lose, do it fairly.
Knute Rockne
(1888-1931, former American football player and coach)
The key to winning is poise under stress.
Paul Brown
(1908-1991, former American football coach)
Winning isn’t everything.
There should be no conceit in victory
and no despair in defeat.

Sir Alexander Matthew “Matt” Busby
(1909-1994, Scottish football player and manager)
Winners never quit and quitters never win.
Vince Lombardi
(1913-1970, former American football coach)
I want to build a team that’s invincible,
so that they have to send
a team from bloody Mars to beat us.

Bill Shankly
(1913-1981, former Scottish footballer and Liverpool manager)

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