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Football Betting Permutations: 5 Cup Finals in 5 Days

Slim chance for the favourites? It has been a busy week in the world of football with the conclusions of many major tournaments across Europe, including the jewel in the crown, the UEFA Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea. Having...
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Understand Odds: Cup Finals and International Tournaments, played at neutral venues

Both sides of the coin… The ‘true’, ‘fair’ or ‘zero’ odds are all synonyms for those odds which exactly reflect the statistical expectation of an event. For example, the ‘true’ odds for the...
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Goal Distribution Comparison – EPL, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Eredivisie

Judging purely from statistics, watching French league games must be rather boring as there are never many goals. Image: koya979 (Shutterstock) The Dutch, on the other hand, tend to have at least five goals in nearly 10% of their matches. From...
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What is a Bet? How to Calculate Mathematical Advantage?

It is difficult to believe but, there are plenty of people around who have little idea exactly what a bet is or what is meant whenever I mention being interested in betting or the fact that I run a Web site about online football betting. Obviously...
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Calculation of Odds: Probability and Deviation

Calculating odds is a science, and statisticians/analysts, who can do the job competently, receive good annual salaries (GBP 50k-80k; €60k-95k: Quantitative Analyst). These jobs are paid so well because the results form the backbone of each...