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Computer mouse attached to football bearing 1X2 symbols / Computemaus befestigt an einem Fußball mit 1X2 Symbolen

1X2 Betting System – Staking the Underdog

Every year we publish HDAFU simulation tables (Home, Draw, Away, Favourites, Underdogs), which model profit & losses for five seasons in each featured league for developing profitable betting systems. Today’s article discusses the...
A pile of white dice / Haufen weißer Würfel

What is the Ideal Sample Size for Accurate Predictions?

A common problem faced by data analysts is to decide upon the required sample size. This can be estimated by using various calculations and distribution functions. However, even if a statistician is readily available, the answer is not necessarily...

1×2 Full-Time Table of Records – Value Bet Detector with H2H history

The 1×2 Full-Time table of records is a compilation of HDA data from 417 completed Value Bet Detector spreadsheets from 24 countries around the world. (League games with H2H history). The data set represents a statistically significant...
How to Input Odds Video Screenshot

Video Tutorial: How to Input Best Market Odds into the True Odds Calculator

This is the last in our series of video tutorials regarding the filling-in of data into the True Odds and Value Bet Calculator Excel spreadsheet. Here you will learn the input process of market odds from sites such as www.betfair.com into the...
Screenshot from the Value Bet Calculator video tutorial how to input historical match and H2H data

Video Tutorial: Input Historical Football Data and H2H Results into Value Bet Detector

Our darling Soccerwidow is at it again with another eastern European rendition in our series of video tutorials showing you how to input historical football data into the Value Bet Detector for league games with head-to-head history. Enjoy the...
Video tutorial on how to download data spreadsheets from football-data.co.uk and sort them for functionality

Video Tutorial: Download Historical Football Data and Sort for Functionality in Excel 2003

We are often asked for advice and shortcuts on how speed up the process of filling-in data in our various Value Bet Detectors such as the League Matches with Head-to-Head History spreadsheet. Here is our very own Soccerwidow with some Excel...
Female fortune teller holding a crystal ball to her eye / Wahrsagerin hält eine Kristallkugel am Auge

What Does ‘Form’ Mean in Football?

Please Discuss… Now and again Soccerwidow receives enquiries as to whether we consider ‘form’ in our match analyses and value bet recommendations. The reader will have to excuse our increasing ignorance of the concept of ‘form’...
Countries football-data

Historical Data: Fixture Results and Bookmaker Odds

Whoever wishes to become a serious gambler and start winning money, or even dreams of making a living from betting, needs to analyse some historical data. A source in the Internet which is simply a gold mine is www.Football-Data.co.uk. Here...