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Conceptual image of 1x2 football betting / Konzeptionelles Bild 1x2 Fußball-Wetten

1×2 Football Betting – How to Compile a Winning Portfolio

This article moves away from betting on individual teams, and pushes strategic thinking further up the knowledge ladder. The method described below explains how to use our HDA simulation tables for recognising profitable 1×2 betting strategies...
EPL 2009-14 - PL home odds inflection points

Finding Betting Odds Inflection Points – Bet and Win

Inflection points are the points at which the curvature or concavity on a curve changes from plus to minus or, from minus to plus. Translated into layman’s language – the turning points on the profit/loss graph where profits turn...
Lay Draw EPL 2008-09 to 2011-12

1×2 Betting System: Analysis of HDA Data and Strategy Development – LAY THE DRAW

Numerous Web sites and forums pay homage to the Lay The Draw strategy with prolific threads from supporters claiming to have found extremely lucrative 1×2 betting systems. Therefore, I have decided to explore lay the draw betting in detail...
Money printer with loads of bank notes / Gelddrucker mit vielen Banknoten

2011-2012 1X2 Betting System Review

Almost exactly a year ago Soccerwidow published the article Home–Draw–Away: HDA Systematic Betting and provided the following betting tips for the 2011-2012 English Premier League season: Back Fulham at home Back the Draw: Fulham away Back...
Magnifying glass over many words highlighting Education / Lupe über viele Wörter mit Education (Bildung) hervorgehoben

VALUE Betting Example – Stuttgart Playing at Home

As this weekend sees the start of the 2011-12 German football season and many of my readers are from Germany, I am in the process of finishing my statistical evaluation of Bundesliga 1, and to give you an idea of the direction I’m taking here’s...
Three snails racing towards red finish line / Drei Schnecken rasen zur roten Ziellinie

Home – Draw – Away: Systematic Betting

The Numbers Game Between 2006-2011, if you had gambled unemotionally and systematically on all English Premier League matches to be home wins and placed a constant stake of 10 € per fixture, then at the end of the fifth season, your winnings...