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Are Odds at Betting Exchanges Always Better than with Bookmakers?

The answer to this question is unequivocally YES and only in rare or extenuating circumstances are odds in betting exchanges priced less than with a bookmaker. The reason is simple: If the ‘back’ price for an event with a bookmaker...
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Betfair Premium Charge Part 2

Death Of The Dream: So, my case scenario revolves around the fact that you are statistically more likely to belong to the 99.5% majority of Betfair customers who have a tendency to lose more bets than you win. If so, you can rest assured that...
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Betfair Premium Charge Part 1

The Naked Truth: I had always believed that if I found one good strategy (or hopefully more), I could sit back and earn an easy, tax-free living from betting, whilst at the same time having fun operating this blog and explaining to other people...
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Backing and Laying Under the Minimum Stake Amount in Betfair

At some stage, after extensive paper exercises and calculations everyone will reach the phase where testing a system or strategy with real money is necessary. Image: Scott Maxwell / LuMaxArt (Shutterstock) However watertight the system seems...

Betting Exchanges: Backing and Laying of Bets

Even if many probably already know the difference between Back and Lay, some may not and therefore I am dedicating today’s article to a general explanation of Internet betting exchanges, including the placing and laying of sports bets. As...