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Sibling monkies whispers / Geschwisteraffen flüstern

Best 50 Meaningful Quotes on Communication

Looking for inspiring quotes and intelligent words about communication? Here are 50 meaningful quotes about effective communication, and skilful and proficient interaction gathered from famous businessmen, great thinkers, and ancient philosophers. Image:...
3d question mark on golden ocean and world / 3D Fragezeichen auf goldenem Meer mit Globus

Best 50 Motivational and Inspirational Business Quotes

Whether looking for motivational and inspirational business quotes, or philosophical and thought-provoking words about business, then you should find something of interest in the following 50 quotes by ancient philosophers, famous entrepreneurs,...
Excited business people group push team leader in chair / Begeistertes Team mit Teamleiter im Bürostuhl

Best 25 Quotes about Leadership – Wise and Inspirational

There is an English saying: You can’t be everybody’s darling. Applied to leadership this means that leaders are not necessarily liked by everybody. 200 years ago, Abraham Lincoln worded his enigma very wisely: You can please some...
Tug of war between office workers - 4 people pulling on a rope / Tauziehen zwischen Büroangestellten - 4 Personen ziehen an einem Seil

Best 25 Player Quotes by Champions and Winners

Welcome to our hand-picked collection of 25 of the best quotes about ‘playing’ by famous champions and entrepreneurs. Being a player is part of life’s game. Playing well, finally leads to success and victory, although the...
Cat staring at a mouse coming out of her hole / Katze starrt auf eine Maus, welche aus ihrem Loch kommt

Business Quotes for Business Owners about Imperfection

Running a successful business is not easy. Every business owner, no matter how large or small their business is, will tell you the same thing. Soccerwidow has collected 25 of the most meaningful quotes about business, on the theme of ‘imperfection’...
A group of matches waiting to be lit / Streichhölzer kurz vorm Angezünden

Provocative and Controversial Insurance Quotes

Insurance has a reputation for annoying, high-pressure salespeople, an abundance of small print, unnecessarily sold contracts, unreasonably high premiums, claims being disputed or not paid at all, and so on… However, what many people...