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Detail shot of wooden stakes in lake / Nahaufnahme von Holzpfählen im See

Introduction To Staking Plans

Planning for Success: Having spent many long hours perfecting a reliable bet selection system, it would be a shame not to see its full potential realised. Soccerwidow’s recent articles offering predictions in the English and German Betfair...
Passports on a heap / Pässe auf einem Haufen

Free Download: Worldwide Football League Betting Opportunities

Whilst not a totally exhaustive list, the Excel spreadsheet available below for download shows in tabular form just about every professional and semi-professional football league in the world available for betting (split into the six FIFA confederations)....
Man changing TV channels with remote control / Mann ändert Sender mit Fernbedienung

Watch Football Matches for Free from Everywhere

The previous article on this subject concentrated purely on the various bookmakers which offer live football streaming via their web sites. Now, I will focus on the other ways of watching your favourite games, which might not be available...